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Benefits Advisor - San Jose

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Benefits Advisor/Leadership - San Jose, CA San Jose, CA

A Career with our client is one of the most sought-after, highly paid, rewarding (& fun) careers on the market today! As we get older (& wiser), most people realize that we want to be employed by a strong, stable, ethical company, where we can work smarter (not harder), earn more money each year, enjoy more time off for family & personal pursuits, work with great people & enjoy what we do each day while helping people . This is what a successful career with our client can give you & your family :

- Solid 1st Year Income, with 15%-40% increases in your income each year without having to "do more".
- Complete Control of your Career Path, your Clients & your Daily Schedule.
- Job Security & Long-Term Financial Security.

This is also one of the most under-penetrated market in the nation for our client, with Businesses needing our No-Cost Business Solutions & Employees needing our Cash Benefit Programs. This means there's never been a better time to join our client!


In the Benefit Advisor & Leadership Positions, your general Job Responsibilities would include:

- Complete the Onboarding Process & Award-Winning Training (classroom & out in the field with a personal mentor).
- Establish New Relationships with Companies & Organizations through Networking, Field Marketing, Social Media, LinkedIn, Referrals & Warm Leads that come in through our client.
- Meet with Business Owners, Identify their Business Needs, Discuss our No-Cost Business Solutions, Schedule Employee Education Meetings & Enroll Employees in our client’s Benefits (Consultative Process).
- Enroll New Hires on a Monthly Basis & Assist with Billing, Invoicing, Claims & Policyholder Servicing.
- Leadership Positions are available within 3-6 months (as long as agreed-upon metrics are achieved) & would allow an individual to build an agency.

Benefit Advisor & Leaders experience the following:

- Many Advisors make between 45k-65k during their 1st year (before bonuses)
- Earn additional compensation through our New Advisor Award Series (up to $12,900 1st year), Stock Bonuses, Renewal Income, Nomination Bonuses & Ongoing Contests that include Trips, Prizes & Cash Bonuses.
- You can leave our client after certain time periods & still receive a % of your Renewal Income (2 Years = 50%, 5 years = 75% & 10 years = 100%). What other company will continue paying you after you leave?
- Represent the #1 company in our client’s industry.
- Flexible Schedule (No Nights or Weekends, unless you choose to).
- Our clients pride themselves in being a Fun, Ethical, Professional Team that actively work together in a Positive, cooperative Work Environment.
- Several Management & Specialty Opportunities are available for qualified candidates.

Job Requirements

- An Accident, Life & Health License is required to sell our client’s type of Insurance.
- Unlicensed candidates who are willing to obtain their Accident, Life & Health License will also be considered. It's a simple process and you will be supported throughout.
- Rapid advancement for experienced leaders
- No F1, OPT or CPT Visa Positions Available for this type of Insurance Sales position. Benefit Advisors are Independent Contractors of our company. Applicants must be United States Citizens or Own a Permanent Resident Card.

90 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119


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