English Language Program Instructor And Director

English Language Program Instructor And Director

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English Language Program Instructor And Director

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Do you feel called to live overseas? Do you like to use education to empower people?

ADE is looking for people who are interested in teaching English as a tool to assist community members to be empowered through education and bilingualism. Our English teacher can be taught on site and no prior experience teaching English is necessary. A desire to create deep and meaningful relationships via academic initiatives is a must.

Positions are available using your gifts, skills, and education to benefit marginalized communities. Check out our site at www.glocalADE.org and email us at ********** for more information.

Job Description:

- Work and live in community serving the Lord through education and development.
- Prepare lessons and teach English to local community members.
- Teach students of all ages (children to adults).
- Be the head of the language program (create schedules, plan classes and events, etc.)
- Create meaningful relationships with students and the community.

Position Requirements:

- Mature Christian faith.
- Desire to learn and grow in community.
- Commitment to the mission and vision of ADE.
- English and Spanish speaking and writing abilities (or willingness to learn both)
- Good interpersonal and networking skills.
- Organized and detail-oriented.
- Previous teaching experience or willingness to be taught on-site.
- Willingness to teach and run the program.


1. ADE staff are professionals in their respective fields yet we actively choose to live a simple life style in the communities where we work as a witness that development (social, economic, etc.) does not depend upon outside resources as it is commonly practiced today. We believe development is understanding the process of how to do things in your life and not having things. Thus we would no support the pursuit of funds for our community development projects or even for our basic living costs. We choose instead to work with our hands and use education as a tool to empower others and to provide for our means seeking to become a model that is easily reproducible by all. Thus the name ADE, Association for Development through Education, an emphasis on development through our education (and not "aid") as a different model for assisting communities.

2. ADE staff members have an active personal relationship with Jesus through prayer, personal study of the Bible, communion with other believers, acts of service, forgiveness to others, and a process of continually dying to oneself (passions, pride, ego, consumerism, etc.) so that God can be more alive in our lives. We are non-denominational and represent various faith backgrounds but share a common personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. As a practical consequence of our faith and our critique of current development models, ADE staff do not work for a salary. We all work and are active economic producers in our community and everything we earn we put into a common purse. From the common purse we pay for our basic needs (food, housing, transportation, medical costs, personal spending, etc.) as well as funding our different community development projects (organic farm, local high school, educational activities, etc.). We are committed to living a simple life yet we lack nothing and live well. The idea is that anybody that has a call to "go" can simply just do it. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, it is a transparent model that anybody can reproduce. The way we live in the community can be reproduced by any member of that community and in fact, we actively invite others to come and live as we do with the intent that they will one day go out and reproduce the model in other communities of need. The idea is to be completely sustainable, transparent, and reproducible.

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